Let's Keep moving forward

If you have any questions regarding the documentation that is required to keep your project moving along feel free to give us a call.
Here is a brief description of each document that we are needing for your project.
  • Full Copy of Utility Bill (Visible: Name, Address, Account Number, Meter Number) 
  • If Applicable - Full Copy of Homeowner's Insurance Declarations Page (Visible: Name, Address, Account Number, Personal Liability Coverage at a minimum of $100,000 and states "each occurrence"
  • All Necessary Homeowners Association information
  • If Applicable - Mortgage statement for proof of Ownership (Requested by Goodleap)
  • If Applicable - Drivers License for Proof of Identity (Requested by Goodleap)
  • If Applicable - Paystub or Tax Return for Proof of Income (Requested by Goodleap)

Upload Your Missing Documents

Upload all missing documents to keep your project moving along.