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What are you here to do? Sales or Operations?

Stay in Your Lane!

If you are new or experienced in the solar industry there are three core departments that make the gears grind. Those departments are Sales, Operations, and Installation.

Making the choice to partner with and EPC or Installer means you're ready to take on the rest of the work. You have a 3rd of the core departments secured. What about the others?

You will now hold the responsibility of growing your Sales team to drive revenue and success to your company. The more you succeed the more your operational work load will increase. Unfortunately this work is a necessity and as a result takes you away from your primary goal of selling.

What Matters Most to You?

Are you focused on growing the nations number one sales company? If this is your focus then Elite Operations will take care of everything else. We will not only provide you will more tools to increase your sales such as CRM's, KPI stats, Interactive Proposal and Lead Allocation Tools, and many more additions that your sales force will find fantastic. There is nothing more important than customer acquisition and satisfaction, and you have that mastered. Let us handle each contract from signed to installation as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

What would it look like for you and 100% of your organization to be focused on one thing and one thing only?


What would your sales numbers look like?

What would your culture look like?

What would your stress levels drop down to?

Focus on What You do Best!

EPC Installer          -      Install 

Elite Operations    -      Operations & Support

Your Company       -      SALES

What is Operational Support?
  • Onboarding Sales Reps
  • Training reps on sales process
  • Technical support in a sale
  • Complete customer verification call.
  • Scrubbing new sales
  • Contacting Rep/Customer to fix contract errors
  • Confirm loan details with finance company.
  • Clear customer loan stipulations
  • Submitting new sales into portal
  • Uploading Documents
  • Gathering Missing Documents
  • Scheduling/Confirming Site Surveys
  • Update Rep/Customer on project timeline
  • Responding to emails/tags
  • Handling escalated customers and project changes
  • Following up on HOA for approvals
  • Scheduling and delivering additional services
  • Create custom sales dashboards
  • Generate payroll reports for reps
  • Generate revenue reports for company
  • Build brand recognition in your markets
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